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# Composit catving kit

# Composit catving kit

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Dentirak composite kit

which are made from best quality of stainless

•   Instruments are designed especially for esthetic restoration which allow composite layering

•   It is made from the best material; stainless steel and is coated by isolated titanium nonstick
material provides excellent tactile sensitivity and easy handling for the best clinical results.

A waved handle made from rubber autoclavable material. It gives a very feathery and lightweight
grip. Which also provides the highest comfort for the dentist without any fatigue.

•   The kit is autoclavable  which withstand heat up to 180c/360f.

•   available in silver and gold coated color.

•    Its   Tray(cassette)   Are   He at  Resistance.

•   The new model of composite kit has the newest generation of surface coating. Precious surface
treatment are coming out with a highly polished surface.

•    Dentirak composite instrument kit includes five tools of various sizes and tip design. It
comes in various colors that indicate different uses, each color representing each tip form and

Apply  elastically  with  the  thin  spatula

Applico elastically  with  the  thin  spatula :-

1.    Adapting  the composite  in  the cervical area.
2.   Modelling  the interincisaf  angle  is  also  easier.
3.   It can be used to gently smooth the composite .
4.   Allows  the  dentist  to  be  precise  when  modelling  the  proximal wall either  in
posteriors  or  in  anteriors.  Specially  in small diastema.


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