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‣ WYNMAN CROWN GRIPPER FORCEPS: The high quality Dentirak Brand Wynman Crown Gripper Forceps are an ideal addition to your working instruments. The tungsten carbide inserts on the Dental Crown Gripper Forceps will grip the temporary crowns, plastic crowns, composite crowns and aluminum crown firmly without slipping, keeping the crown intact. They are also used for gripping porcelain crown holding trays in dental furnaces and to hold the hot instruments from the autoclave.
‣ HIGH QUALITY STAINLESS STEEL: Hot drop-forged construction Wynman crown gripper constructed of medical grade stainless steel and tungsten carbide inserts for the highest degree of durability and product lifespan. This product meets the ASTM and FDA good manufacturing standards. The wynman crown gripper is manufactured with corrosion resistant properties. The tungsten Carbide inserts makes this product durable and scratch resistant at the holding ends.
‣ FULLY AUTOCLAVABLE + EASY TO CLEAN: The Artman instruments made Wynman Crown Gripper Forceps state of the art can be autoclaved and sterilized easily without fear, making it a hygienic, valuable instrument that is built to last and serve you for many years to come.
‣ SLIP RESISTATN FOR BETTER GRIP AND WELL BALANCED: The holding tips of these Wynman Crown Gripper Forceps feature a slip resistant surface for the better grip of the instruments and are designed for easy accessibility, with comfortable large finger rings and angled working tip to grasp crowns firmly. They offer smooth maneuvering, giving you more control for precise operation.
‣ DENTAL CROWN GRIPPING AND HOLDING: When the Wynman Crown Gripper Forceps are applied on the crown, its working ends are engaged on the buccal and palatal/lingual surfaces of the crown, pressed gently with buccolingual movements and pulled. The crown comes off easily. Squeezing the forceps is not recommended since it may break the crown.


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