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Lucas Bone Curette كيوريت جراحي

Lucas Bone Curette كيوريت جراحي

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DENTIRAK ® Lucas Bone Curette is a specialized orthopedic tool that surgeons commonly use for scraping fibrous and bony tissue from bone surfaces, or to remove debris and diseased bone to clean the surgical field.

Versatile Double-Ended Design for Scraping Bone with Ease.

Solid Angled Shanks for Reaching Narrow Cavities.

Ergonomic Polygonal Handle for Superior Control.


The Lucas Bone Curette offers a wide array of advantages for orthopedic and ENT surgeons. These advantages come in handy for scraping slices of bone material and other tissues surrounding the bone.

For this purpose, the curette features a versatile double-ended design with two concave tips. Moreover, the tips have sharp cutting edges and the device is available in small and large sizes. As a result, surgeons can scrape bony tissue from delicate and larger bone pieces.

In addition, the instrument comes with a solid, polygonal handle. Also, the handle has horizontal serrations that help in securing a strong grip.

Lastly, all our Lucas Bone Curettes are available in premium grade stainless⁷ steel, ensuring a long-lasting experience for your surgical staff


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