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# Towel Clamp or Forceps

# Towel Clamp or Forceps

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Backhaus Towel Clamp is a perforating clamp used for grasping tissue, securing towels or drapes, and holding or reducing small bone fractures.

 is a surgical tool used in many surgical procedures to control bleeding.

Towel clamps are used to grasp the tissues, secure towels or drapes during surgical operations. The clamps primary purpose is to prevent unexpected changes of position in the surgical draping, ensuring that the field remains sterile and clear so that the doctor can focus on the task at hand. These surgical clamps are also used to hold electrocautery cables and suction lines. In addition to being used in OR settings, these operating room clamps are also used in routine and small clinics. The fundamental towel clamp design includes locking handles and a sharp non-perforating tip, which may be curved or pointed and may have teeth for traction. These operating room instruments are designed and manufactured with medical-grade German surgical stainless steel.


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